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2018-06-18 15:50:48

no putiikki ku haluaa läppätekstii ni tässä on XDXDDDDDDDXD spurdö spöre

The cup is over!

2010-07-15 19:57:48 by nick-o-matic
This is it! The last event ended today and was very nice to see a new winner guy (Lukazz) there. The win also lifted him to the 3rd place in the final cup results that have now been calculated, go to see! Thanks to all who played!


2010-07-08 17:02:11 by nick-o-matic
Madness makes an impressive comeback to the cup and wins his first event! He will win the next one too!

1. Kazan 2. Rooker 3. FinMan

2010-06-22 19:04:10 by nick-o-matic
Kazan managed to produce a quality rec and made an impressive comeback to the cup! He won this level with a 5-sec margin to the last event's winner Rooker and actually still is able to win the cup! Another big news is that FinMan's top-2-row has come to it's end since he was only 3rd this time. He still has been in the podium at every event though. But now the next event is by Koopa, everyone go enjoying!

The 6th event

2010-06-15 07:54:42 by nick-o-matic
It will end today since it's only a 5-day event. Remember to send in your times!

D E A D L I N E in 6 hours!

2010-05-25 11:06:38 by adi
Remember to send! Also remember to come to #miepipecup to hear results.

2nd event over

2010-05-18 21:48:37 by nick-o-matic
1. Kazan 2. FinMan 3. Madness. Nice nice nice!

Send your times

2010-05-18 09:38:33 by nick-o-matic
The second event's deadline will be here today! And results will be published in #miepipecup at IRCNET!


2010-05-18 08:45:47 by roope
tis news

First event finished and second up!

2010-05-11 19:16:20 by roope
talli won the first event and snatched the full 100 points with his time 38,48. Grats! Also, second pipe is up. It's a quite long and hard pipe by Bliz.

Btw: #miepipecup @IRCnet

2010-05-11 16:40:43 by nick-o-matic
Results there soon! =)

The first event is here!

2010-05-06 18:12:34 by nick-o-matic
Yeah, the epic has been unleashed!


2010-05-05 20:42:34 by roope
Get ready!

Site opened

2010-05-03 20:14:28 by roope
The cup site was opened with a rush, so there might be some info missing here and there and other stuff, but nou hätä =)